Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I realise the tag wasn't the comeback I was hoping for. But things have overtaken my life as of now. Things, that in the near future will amount to nothing and everything.

They call it *sighs*


Here's presenting a Vellorian update:

1. A CR I know is called Mohammed Ali Jinnah. He was elected because of Surprise!Surprise! his NAME.

2. Security guards here have a whistle fascination. Anyone seen with 5 metres of a member of the opposite sex is whistled at.Vociferously.

3. Soulja Boy rules!

4.I'm being made to do a subject which in medieval Europe, was the stuff torture devices were made of: Engineering Drawing. Also referred to as GRD(Gang Rape Done)

5.Mess food is an exercise in futility. Vegetables trying to swim valiantly in an endless ocean of tel. And failing each time.

6.My Modern Physics teacher is Mr. Hota, who a classmate suspects I am illicitly sleeping with (because Oriyas and Bengalis apparently account for the same thing)


Agar Mr. Hota nahi Hota toh bahut achha Hota.

7.My Warden(read as Idi Amin) loves me. That is because she thinks I have no interaction whatsoever with any member of the opposite sex. She should check out my phone inbox sometime. She'd have a field day.

8.I miss machch. I need fish. And separate class timings.

9.Late Night Movie marathons with Mad Angles and Haldiram's Bhel are the stuff dreams are made of. Another tip: Never watch Road/Euro Trip when you're trying to consume food and not barf all over your bed.

10. The bookstore and the liquor shop have the same name....BALAJI.

I'm sure I've left out like a trillion things which would have made more sense here. From a first stage Alzheimer's patient.. May the force be with you!