Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'll Be Back

I can't quite believe that I am quoting Arnold Schwarzenegger here.

Anyhow, there is something called my selections for which I apparently have to study. And rebelling against authority is quite passe now so I might as well study. But its strange how somehow I just can't. Call it an overdose of Samit Basu or Taare Zameen Par, the textbooks lie open awaiting some sort of entertainment or interest which I am, unfortunately, unable to provide. And the Australian Open started yesterday. Its not my fault that a tennis tournament HAS to have gorgeous Serbian men in shorts running around.

But its 3 in the morning. I owe myself some sleep. My body requires to digest the copious amounts of paatishaapta, and pithe and other Bengali delicacies that I have subjected myself to in the last couple of days. Plus the chickens are on a strike now. So I shall go back to sleep. But I owe myself a post. Its long overdue. January 21 here, I come!

P.S.: Date is subject to change.


heh? ok said...

ah unwaba. and patishapta. isn't it funny how all the fun in the world waits for exams to arrive before making its grand entry? it's just so cruel.

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

wait... there's more than ONE serbian man running around in shorts? how came it to be that i missed this?

and baghdatis LOST! now we can't get the "maataler match" that we were expecting to see. on the other hand, nole is in. lleyton, for chrissake.

post soon. i'm thirsting for one of your acid attacks on the world.

speedpost said...

@heh?ok: Yep. Not that Im givin up on any of that becouse of the exams....
@doubletake: Yep. The other one lost to federer yesterday.