Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Tag.

Timer khoob beshi obabh. Added to that, the fact that I am in Vellore.But I have been tagged so it is my moral duty to respond, tai na?

4 Jobs I’ve had (in chronological order):

1. Blank.
4. Corrupted a young kid's innocent mind by telling her the truth about Miley Cyrus.
4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:

Just four???? *Breaks into spontaneous emission of what they call tears*

1.You've Got Mail. Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks completely killing it.
2.Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Watch it every time to figure out something new that I hadn't previously figured out.
3. Rang De Basanti. To figure out the exact moment I fell in love with Kunal Kapoor.
4.American Pie/Freaky Friday/13 Going on 30. Complete and utter timepass.

4 Places I’ve lived (in order):

1.16/1 Hatibagan Road Kolkata
2.Ms. Nayars' bedroom.
3.Room no 315 F Block Ladies Hostel VIT
4. Room 711 and 712.

4 TV Shows I Like:

Friends( E maa... U didn't see this one coming did you?)
Wonderfalls. If you haven't seen it please do yourself a favour and do.
Grey's Anatomy.Watta soundtrack
Heroes. Hiro and Peter. *sighs*

4 Favorite Foods:
Black Forest Sundae
Mum's chilli chicken
Mosambi juice.

4 Places I’d rather be:
Adrift on the Nile.
Prince Edward Island
New Zealand
4 People I’m Tagging:
Wont force this upon anyone for fear of it being reiterated on me. The power is yours!


Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

oh, ms. nayar's bedroom is free-for-all, it seems. december shall prove it.

i wonder why the wonder falls on me :)

Rene Lacoste said...

Heck! I've lived in 711 and 712! Prefer 711 though..lies on the windward side :) And you'd have no idea what I'm talking about. Awesome.